Our Winter Hiatus Has Begun

8 Dec

To those kind readers of ABOUTAWORD,

As the wintery months of 2011 are ushering us into the start of 2012, we’ve chosen to begin our month-long hiatus that will end on January 15th.  During the next month, we plan not only to catch up on academic and personal endeavors, but also organize next semester’s publication schedule of brilliant writers and their unfurling, graceful work.  During our absence, please feel free to visit the pages of our site to read those posts you may have missed– or even reread our recent authors like Jeff Hardin, Deirdre O’Connor, Erika Meitner, Mitchell Douglass, or Liz Langemak. Most of all, take this time to relax, to enjoy those things that matter most to you; whether they be loved ones, writing, a new book, or a new museum installation, take a minute to admire and appreciate it.

We look forward to sharing with you the new writing of 2012 after our return. Until then, Happy Holidays!

Innumerable Thanks,



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